Detroit Heat – An Interview with Generation Next

Two years ago Tre Strickland was introduced at his father’s (Big Strick) phenomenal Longplayer Detroit Heat. One year later he developed his style, delivering four brilliant tracks for the Resivior Dogs Compilation. His new, outstanding self-titled EP „Generation Next“ has just been released. We got a chance to catch up with the promising Detroit based producer.

digitaldisqo: Don’t really want to ask about your age, but it’s so obvious, I guess we have to do that: According to little internet information floating around you’re 16; probably coming out of high school, but your music already seems very complex. When did you start producing?

Yeah, I was 16 when my first track (Bloodline) came out, but I just turned 18 in march and graduating high school this year. I started producing/ making my own tracks around 14, so around the 8/9th grade. I did a mix of Childs Play on the Detroit Heat CD around that time. On the Cd I was Lil Strick.

Starting at young age – you probably were sneaking into your fathers studio while he was at work?

No doubt, getting any chance in the studio could get. My dad also invited us in to come and get familiar with the equipment. Of course my first tracks were garbage but when you put in the time you get great results.

It’s kind of surprising, but your music is strictly analogue, isn’t it?

Of course, it’s a challenge that I like to take. I feel like it’s my duty to continue using analogue because my father and cousin, Omar S, use analogue as well.

What’s your favorite gear?

I like to use the older machines, such as the Roland Tr-909. They are easier to use, for me.

Let’s talk about your name. Kyle Hall might be the most popular person from a new generation of Detroit based artists. You’re coming next. Is there something like a network of young aspiring producers? Any promising names we’re going to hear about in the future?

Kyle Hall is definitely doing his thing. But no there aren’t a network of aspiring artists that I know of. You guys are going to hear from Tony Coates (Maybe One Day), OB Ignitt, and Omar S.

Music evidently always was around your house. Tell us more about your influences. What are you listening to right now? Any record that is kind of inspiring to you?

Influenced a lot by Omar S, Big Strick, and Don Q. My dad, Big Strick, is my influence because he brought me into the industry and introduced me to house music. Omar S is my influence because everything he comes with is dope. Don Q always drops knowledge. But right now I’m listening to that Omar S‘ CD, Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself, and that New Big Strick EP ‚Groove‘, which is soon to drop. Electric feel by MGMT is what is inspiring me.

Although they know about the city’s decline, Europeans always seem to glorify the spirit of Detroit. Coming from a new generation which hasn’t seen the prosperous days of the D, what was it like to grow up in Motor City?

I grew up in Windsor, Ontario (inspiration for the song Windsor Nights) and Detroit so I didn’t really just grow up in Detroit. I spent many of nights in the basement making tracks trying to stay out of trouble and keep my mind on the future.

Your EP is out right now. First reviews have been very promising. What’s up next?

Only time will tell. More dope tracks for sure.

Last question: What are your favorite House/Techno records of all time?

My Mine – Hypnotic Tango
Omar S – High School Graffiti


Generation Next – 110 (Snippet) / Generation Next – Generation Next EP @

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