Romanthony / Rush Hour / 3LP

Ich lege mich fest. Die irgendwann in diesem Jahr erscheinende, von Rush Hour zusammengestellte Kompilation älterer, teils unveröffentlichter Romanthony-Tracks wird das Album des Jahres. Da hege ich keine Zweifel.

Rush Hour bow to no one when it comes to dance music reissues, and their 2011 schedule is as mouthwatering as we’ve come to expect. The main even from our point of view is a planned anthology of Romanthony‘s work. For the past decade the US vocalist and producer has been best known for his contributions to more commercial-leaning house productions, but Rush Hour’s set will naturally focus on his earlier, grittier work, ranging from hits like ‘The Wanderer’ to more obscure cuts lovingly sourced by Macdonald from the vaults and lesser-known vinyl releases.

“I started browsing Romanthony’s catalogue and came across all these private pressings that he made, and there was a lot of stuff that wasn’t released under the Romanthony name but was really good, and because he pressed them up himself they always stayed under the radar.”

via. FACT.

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